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Young women came from the Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas, Nova Scotia, and some as far as the West Indies.

Young women came from the Carolinas, Kentucky, Kansas, Nova Scotia, and some as far as the West Indies.

Two pianos made by the Whittlesey brothers are seen here. The pianos were made of rosewood and mahogany with ivory piano keys that had been sawed by hand and mother-of-pearl inlay letters and ornamentation. On the inside of every Whittlesey piano was…

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After being destroyed by fire in 1868 the Music Vale Seminary was rebuilt. This drawing shows what the new building looked like.

The Little Red Cottage, the home of Rev. John Whittlesey, was also known as the Methodist Tavern because of the great hospitality shown here. This is the oldest house in Salem, and is still standing.

Only the barn is left at the once thriving music school. A sign near Route 85 states rather unobtrusively: Music Vale Seminary. In the foreground is the cellar of Music Vale Seminary filled with water. -Cindy Lee Corriveau

Some of the Southern gal's parents were astounded when they were told that Oramel's intense loyalty to the Union cause made all the students make a declaration to the North. Thismay have resulted in some attendance drop. The Ladies Loyal Union…
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