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The eldest daughter of Oramel and Charlotte, Elizabeth (Eliza) Maginnis (nee Whittlesey), born October 5, 1826, was a teacher and later vice principal at Music Vale. After her husband John's death in 1864, she started a school of music called…

The youngest son of Rev. John and Sally Whittlesey was Henry Packwood Whittlesey, born October 26, 1812. Henry was in partnership of manufacturing pianos with his older brothers, John Whittlesey, born January 27, 1806, and Oramel, who started to…

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"The Dying Soldier of Buena Vista" is a piece of Music Oramel Whittlesey wrote. This copy is autographed.

"There's a Proud Noble Flag" is a piece of music written by Oramel Whittlesey. This particular copy is autographed. This is the inside of the music booklet.
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