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Oramel Whittlesey's daughter Kate is seated with her back toward the photograph. It looks as though she has two students practicing.

Rev. John Whittlesey, 1780-1864, was a strong-willed Methodist minister of the sect "New Lights". He married his cousin Sally Whittelsey in Westbrook, Connecticut; note the variation on spelling. They moved to Salem in 1801, the year Oramel was born.…

The eldest daughter of Oramel and Charlotte, Elizabeth (Eliza) Maginnis (nee Whittlesey), born October 5, 1826, was a teacher and later vice principal at Music Vale. After her husband John's death in 1864, she started a school of music called…

The second daughter, Sarah Victoria Whittlesey, born May 23, 1831, also taught at the Music Vale Seminary. On July 31, 1858, she married lawyer George Pratt of Norwich, where they lived for many years before moving to Kansas City, Missouri. Sarah and…

Bela Lyon Pratt, one of Sarah's sons, was born December 11, 1867, in Norwich. At 16, he attended Yale School of Fine Arts and later became a teacher at the school of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. He is credited with 175 impressive sculptures,…

Young women came from the Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas, Nova Scotia, and some as far as the West Indies.

Jeanette Morgan Whittlesey, the third daughter, was born March 29, 1836, and married William Henry Maginnis, the brother of Elisabeth's husband, John. She was a talented singer, teaching voice lessons to the young women of Music Vale. Jeanette and…

Album of Beauty which is similar to a yearbook. Each of the students from the Music Vale Seminary was represented. Empty pages would be left between the pictures for autographs and other words.

This was one of the about fifty women whose picture appeared in the Music Vale Seminary's album of beauty.

This book was used as a log of those who applied for admission at Music Vale Seminary during the year of 1860.
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