Oramel Whittlesey is flanked by his two daughters and the rest of the facults of Music Vale Seminary in 1865.

The school was a family operation. Mrs. Whittlesey was like a warm-hearted affectionate mother to the students as well as a wonderful manager that kept the school in good financial condition.


Elizabeth (Eliza) Maginnis

Their four daughters were all proficient in the science of music. Their eldest daughter, Elizabeth (Eliza) Maginnis was a teacher and
later vice-principal at Music Vale before starting her own school called Maginnis Institute of Music in New London. It is now a rectory of St. James church.


Sarah Victoria Whittlesey

The second daughter, Sarah Victoria Whittlesey was a very successful teacher at the school and carried it on toward the end of her father’s life.


Jeanette Morgan Whittlesey

The third daughter, Jeanette Morgan Whittlesey was a talented singer teaching voice lessons to the young women of Music Vale.


Karolyn (Kate) Bradford Whittlesey

The youngest daughter, Karolyn (Kate) Bradford taught harp, piano, and guitar at Music Vale.

shs 049.JPG

A list of the faculty in the twenty-fifth year of the Music Vale Seminary.

There were many other notable teachers invited to teach at the school. Two noted lecturers came to the school to visit, Dr. Lowell Mason and Dr. George F. Root.